For 50 days Modi Jee give us these 5 things

Okay,  Indians will give you 50 days to make things normal. Lets hope you will be able to get ATMs to start dispensing cash. Lets hope you can make sure that everyone who doesn’t have a bank account is also able to change his or her currency and get started. But all of this will be well begun half done if you don’t do the following things. Worst,some of us will also start questioning the point of this exercise.

  1. Keep a limit on cash withdrawals from banks for ever. You can only withdraw so much cash in a calendar year. If it needs a new ordinance so be it. If there are no limits on cash withdrawals from banks then we will be back to square one. If you can’t legally limit then make the process difficult.
  2. Build a national invoicing system- one single software that everyone needs to use to print invoices.  For instance Delhi government has a single system that connects all their liquor shops. No more back entries in the books. Those who are not online please connect them using digital India mission.
  3. Introduce a cash transaction tax. Any cash transaction that is done will require a 10% tax. I’m sure you have smart people who can figure out how to do this.
  4. Make political parties including BJP disclose the source of donations- both cash and cheque.  Accountability has to start from your yard and rest of us will follow
  5. Digitise all land and building records. Make sure property cannot be purchased or sold without confirming the title on the digital records and not below the circle rates.  PAN already is compulsory. No PAN, No Property .

Start with suggestions 4 and 5. We are ready to face the brunt of demonetisation. We want to see if you are ready too: 🙂

I hope these things are already planned because I believe that you and your team is quite smart and have the right intent.


Have you adopted?

‘Adopting’ is in the air. Everyone is adopting – Modi ji, Sonia ji, Rahul ji, Tendulkar ji and now Hema Malini ji. They are the foster parents of villages in India, under the scheme of ’Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna’  (SAGY or MP Local Area Development Scheme aka MPLADS).

The grand idea behind the scheme is–if each Saansad (MP) adopted three villages in a couple of years and take responsibility of the all-round development, then by 2019, there will be 2,500 ‘ideal villages’ leading to a snowballing of development in India. What an idea Sir ji – ‘constructive politics’ that has a ‘viral effect’. Wah!

But wait a minute; lets ponder over a few questions to understand this scheme better –

Question No. 1: What does ‘development’ mean? The programme emphasizes it as ‘the physical and institutional developmental infrastructure’.

Hmm. Let unpack this – Physical and Institutional Developmental Infrastructure means – roads, schools, hospitals, plantation, toilets, dug wells factories???

Physically building can mean lots of labour work = lots of employment for poor = income rise = good health, nutrition/education etc. But building can also mean lots of tenders = lots of corruption = poor quality work and ultimately empty schools, closed hospitals and roads washed away in the first monsoon itself.

Why think negative? Be positive. There can be so many outcomes – one of which is – the MP’s frequent visits can mean the roads will be good in shape, the community centre will be up and running. Similarly the schools and hospitals will be thriving with teachers, teaching materials and nurses and equipment. The STCs, B.Eds, ANMs will all have jobs, as they couldn’t secure one during the tenure of the last government, after clearing tough Public Service exams.

Question No. 2: What is the selection criterion?

According to Modi ji, an ‘MP is free to choose any village except that it should not be his/her village or of his/her relatives’. Is it a lottery? A Whim? A careful strategy to develop a village one can be proud of!

Well, it is quite unclear how a village qualifies for adoption, but lets look at the ones we have already got –

A village with homogeneous caste community – like Jayapur near Varanasi. It is reported that there are no Muslims in this village and the PM has adopted it.

The village can have a lot of historical value, like the one Sonia ji chose – Udwa in Jagatpur.

Or a village in a well developed industrial area, such as Deeh near Amethi which Rahul ji is the foster father of.

Now this is smart. A village with already ‘some development’ (development = industrialization). There you go! Someone said, Rahul ji and Sonia ji ‘may have adopted the villages but may not necessarily endorse the scheme’.

Well already industrialized village may not need anything! Why adopt one?

One common thing to observe – all these villages so far, seem to be near a town i.e. within 15 to 25 kms radius i.e. accessible! Or as close as 9 kms like Hema Malini’s village Raval.

Question No. 3: It is not a ‘money driven scheme’ it is a ‘people’s driven scheme’ (from supply driven to demand driven initiative). Wonderful!

But –

  1. Why then Sachin Tendulkar’s village (and likewise all others in the scheme) costs 2.79 Crore? And if we misunderstood then how without the money any ‘physical and infrastructural development’ will take place?
  2. Did anyone ask if people are ‘driven’? May be they are but do not know what to be ‘driven’ for? Or they will figure it out. Or the MPs will decide like Hema Malini ji – women empowerment is the main theme for Raval.
  3. What if people who are to participate in their ‘development’ are missing or not around in the village?

Missing or not around? What do you mean?

Migrate! You know, a number of young men and women migrate out in search of labor work sometimes? Then its only married women and elderly people often left behind.

Exactly, that is why we need to develop the village – jobs, roads, cottage industries. We have to bring back our youth in the villages.

Question No. 4: The approach – ‘bottom to top or top to bottom’?

Well, the PM has clarified, ‘that the work has to begin somewhere and its up to the academic world to find out’, which approach is better.

Well, that makes everything clear, isn’t it? It is a ‘people driven’ programme but it seems every MP has his/her own agenda to impose. Perhaps they can learn from RSS!


Yeah, RSS is doing it for years?

??? Doing what?

Adopting a village and developing it, e.g. Jayapur.

Aah, so Jayapur is already a ‘model village’? Its been adopted by RSS since 2002:  the 12 years of glorious development! So are the villages near Jayapur developing as a result of snowballing?


But why did RSS adopt the village Jayapur? Why BJP (the PM) may have interest in the same village and who funds RSS to do this development? 

There is some historical connection to it, if you bother to find out. The story of RSS leader Nanaji Deskmukh’s contribution of making villages self sufficient. But we have no time to get into that side of debate for now.

Question No. 5: Maintaining the scheme will give the MPs a sense of satisfaction of having done something for which he (and she?) will be remembered in future!’

So ‘otherwise MPs do not do anything’? Aren’t they remembered for not having done anything more than for doing ‘something’? This is unconventional – do something and then be satisfied. Unusual expectation, isn’t it?

Besides these general questions, the concerns are also related to the possibility of side effects – will patronizing a village have a negative impact on class/region/political divide or whether adopting will enable influential people a licence to exploit natural resources of the village; or if companies investing in the scheme under their CSR will take advantage in lieu of business set up or land-grab opportunities???

On the other hand, the PM himself is participating in the scheme that will keep the momentum going. There seem to be a sufficient focus on social development. A real-time, web-based monitoring of the work and periodic reviews of the progress will be undertaken. A number of government schemes will be implemented more efficiently etc.

It is quite early to predict the results therefore, let’s hope this scheme works and the villages do develop (whatever we define the development is). However, in the meanwhile, lets play our part: being critical, if not skeptical citizens.

Please write yours questions, concerns or answers (if got any) in the comment box.


After all Rahul is learning from Modi

Rahul gandhi is trying to a do a Modi. He is trying to establish that he is different, he can take risks and when needed he can stand up to what he believes in.

He needs to be congratulated for this ordinance act and not rubbished.  He has not undermine the PM or insulted him.

And for God’s sake let’s not shed tears for the PM or the office of PMO. The sanctity of PMO was lost when the coal files went missing or when the 2G scam came into picture.   Honestly  our PM must be happy that Rahul Gandhi has done what he should have done.  And may be it was all planned. The timing was perfect- PM was outside the country so no media rushed to ask him questions about Rahul’s sudden outbursts.

Modi at the moment is bigger then BJP. Take him out of the PM candidate role and I doubt if many people will vote for BJP. Congress till recently didn’t had a serious contender to the Modi challenge. But with his views  on the Ordinance Rahul Gandhi has just challenged his opponent.

Congress needed a new armor to save them from complete defeat in the coming LS elections.  Stand with the likes of Mulayam and Lalu and Masood Rashid and your defeat is guaranteed. Sacrifice these guys and suddenly you have  fighting chance.

Congress needed a white knight and I guess he has arrived.

Go Rahul Gandhi Go. Now strike down the Governments attempt to tinker with RTI and pass the Lokpal bill too. Then we can be on your side.  After all our first love is not Modi or Gandhi, it is India.


So who are you going to vote for in this General Election

First thing first. In this general election all of us should vote. Cancel holidays, weddings and any plans to die. Just go out and vote. Exercise your franchise. Not voting will only alienate you.

The second thing is to vote responsibly. Your vote has a lot of power.  So exercise it judiciously. But when it comes to how to vote responsibly things become a little more interesting.

I’m going to keep it simple.  I feel that the next election is between Modi Vs the rest. It is not between BJP and Congress or regional parties. In the final reckoning there will be two camps- those who want Modi to be the PM and those who will not leave no stone unturned to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

The others: UPA comes in this club. Congress and the rest of the gangs have their own reasons. They would love another 5 years in power and another 5 years of plundering. And make no mistake, anyone who comes to power including our beloved Aam Aadmi power will plunder the country and its resources. Power corrupts and there are swiss banks to keep the stash.

The activist:  These are die hard Modi haters who for all the right reasons believe that he is a monster and should not occupy the top post. They don’t see anything else but ” Modi”. They don’t even look at history.But then they are activists so its all okay.

The messiah mongers : Equally die hard fans who believe Modi is the messiah. Very few actually know what Modi has achieved. For most development means good roads and ” beautifully lit river front of Sabarmati”.

I guess for the second time in our history ( or may be the first time) we are facing a election that is going to make or break the fortunes of two political parties.  In 1977 Janta Alliance won and congress was completely routed. Moraji Desai became the PM but the newly formed Janta Government fretted  away the huge mandate they got on petty issues. Congress came back to power even more stronger and arrogant than before. As a result we had Kashmir Problem and operation blue star which eventually led to the killing of Mrs Gandhi and thousands of Sikhs in subsequent riots.

This could be second time. Modi today is the tallest leader in people’s imagination. But at the same time Modi has polarized the country and his own party. If he doesn’t win or manage to get more than 180 seats, BJP is looking at a slide which will take it back to where the party started from. If Modi wins with majority and becomes the PM and is able to deliver on Governance then Congress and the likes of SP is history in the country.

If we can learn anything from the Muzaffarnagar Riots is this. All political parties are communal never mind what they say. Saving common people’s lives is not on their agenda. They want to make you and me into their vote banks on the basis of fear. So save yourself and use your own brain.

Modi will change the face of the country is blown out of proportion but he will cause a civil war and minorities will be killed in this rule is also blown out of proportion. If Modi was responsible for Gujarat riots then Congress was responsible Sikh Riots.  Our trouble is that we have to chose between the two devils.

And among this hate mongering and analysis no one seems to talk about real issues. When I was 5 years old water used to come for 30 minutes every day. It still comes for 30 minutes. There were power cuts , there are still power cuts. We had less poor people then , we today have more poor people in the country. So nothing has changed- even though all leaders have come and gone.

Albert Hirschman, a renowned economist in his book ” Exit, Voice or Loyalty” makes a very simple yet very powerful point. “When faced with dysfunctional countries- we should either exit as in immigrate, protest like hell or join the gang.”  Read the full text here.

We have protested, we cannot join the scum bags.  So is it the time to leave?

Aaa gaye Obama

obamaIn a strange turn of events it seems like President Barrack Obama has applied for visa for permanent citizenship of India.  A lot of speculation doing rounds in Whitehouse and political circles in India is that President Obama wants to join politics in India and aim to for the top job whatever that is ( president or prime minister or Congress president or chairman of RIL).

Well this comes as no surprise says a well known  commentator on NDTV.  He is only 51. The ruling party prince in waiting is 43 and waiting for a few more years to get that looks that you need in India for a political career where as Obama can start right away. He is at  right age and has got another 37 years to go. Anyways he is going to be jobless in a 4 years in America so its best for him to come here. And Democrats can claim that not only we are retaining jobs in America we are sending unemployed to India.

According to the sources close to President Obama, the letter from 65 Indian MPs asking him not go give VISA to Narendra Modi really swayed his choice for India.  Its not that every other day he gets elected representatives of a sovereign country writing to him. This has reinforced his faith on things that he already knew about Indian democracy and its system of functioning.

President already has a base in India- the day he lands he can get 65 Indian MPs to form a new political party- says a Delhi socialite on twitter.  His political base is  also widening day by day .Every day President Obama is getting requests from thousands of Indians to fix the roads, get water supply, get transfer, fix electricity meter- basically everything that countless Indians deal with every day. The other day President Obama  got a request from  Mr XXX to get him a ration card. President Obama was about refuse him but changed his mind when CIA advised President Obama that he is a illegal immigrant from Bangladesh and not mexico.

President Obama was really moved one MP from ruling party in India came all the way to Whitehouse to touch President’s Obama’s feet and  do “jhaddo” at Whitehouse.  It took a lot of persuasion by the whitehouse staff that they don’t have “Jhadoo” and at best they can offer is a vacuum cleaner.

According to an article authored by a senior Journalist of Washington post- President Obama is really tired with politics in America . In America he has to do a lot of explaining- explain health bill, explain immigration bill, what is your stand on war on terror etc etc. In India things will be easy- like Sonia, MMS and Rahul Baba he can afford to be silent and not say a word.

Politics in India will also mean that he doesn’t need to get into lengthy debates with opposition candidates- all he need to do is flash his middle name and blame that other person is communal to end any discussion says Huffington post. And when that doesn’t work President Obama can always claim that he is from Harvard ( and therefore always right) and that will surely end any discussion. But the best thing about politics in India claims Indian Express is that the President Obama will have to never leave office or his official residence even when he is no longer in office.  And very soon he can get Michelle and their daughters into politics and create the Obama dynasty. There are always safe seats and Hindi lessons on offer.

The ruling party sees  the entry of President Obama in Indian politics the perfect way of countering growing influence of Narendra Modi and has offered him the position of Vice President.  When asked a senior leader on the conditions of anonymity shared ” He has the perfect name- lot of people will vote for him thinking he is Osama, Indian middle class will vote hoping that in return President will get them a US visa and the intellectuals will just vote because he is from Harvard”

However Obama has different plans for India says a spokesperson at the Whitehouse. He doesn’t want to Join any party but go the Kejriwal way. He has also thought of a name for the new political party- AAP( Obama).

When questioned about the name of the almost identical to Aam Aadmi Party  sources close to Obama replied . This AAP is different- it stands for AAPKA AMERICAN PRESIDENT ( Obama).

I didn’t want to write this post

Believe me. This is one post that I wanted to avoid. Yes it is about politics, the Narendra Modi bashing and the fake encounter and other things. See I had usual fears. First and foremost was that I was going to attempt to write based on hearsay- you know the kind of stuff that is news now-days on NDTV to CNN IBN and the likes. I don’t know much. Second If I write this people will brand me either this or that.

Let me make something clear upfront. I’m not a Narendra Modi sympathiser or Congress hater. I feel that both Congress and BJP are all the same. It doesn’t take much brains to guess that Congress is trying its level best to fix Narendra Modi and that is why the speed at which Ishrat Jahan encounter case is getting attention from media and law enforcement agencies.

Whatever is the political fall-out of Ishrat Jahan’s case let political parties manage it. People of India are both intelligent, foolish and ignorant and they will choose the leader they deserve.

But by all means this case on Ishrat Jahan should get attention and should be brought to its logical end . People of the Republic of India should not let Congress, Media, BJP or any investigating agency put wool over our eyes.

Because this case is about you and me.

The point is not that whether Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist or not. The point is whether she was killed in a fake encounter by law enforcement agencies. If that is indeed the case and we don’t do anything about it then tomorrow it can be you and me.

That is why we the citizens of India should all protest for all the alleged fake encounters and be agnostic to the politics behind it. 


Resignation is confirmed desperation Advani Jee

1846437L.K Advani has resigned, an era has ended- An era which saw numerous Rath Yatra’s, the demolition of Babri Maszid and countless lives lost in the process. It also saw meteoric rise  of BJP into the national stage. But he is 85 now. He should let go and take the thrown of grand old man of BJP. But he is planning, plotting and doing everything possible to stick on to power.His resignation shows desperation and not apt for someone of his stature who build BJP from literally nothing.

Narendra Modi seems unstoppable. He is truly one leader now in India who has mass appeal. You can like him or hate him but you cannot ignore him. Will he be able to bring BJP to power- I doubt it.  A lot of regional parties will find it very difficult to rally behind BJP if he is the Prime Ministerial candidate.

rahulRahul Gandhi is prince in waiting for ever. And I wonder how long he will have to wait. I feel that he has good intentions but he doesn’t seem to make them work on ground. Or may be its very difficult for him to fix the congress which is run purely on personal alliances, agenda and very little democracy. What I feel sad about Rahul Gandhi is that no one has any strong feelings for him- Unlike Narendra Modi People don’t like him or hate him. They are indifferent I guess. Now that is a sad place to be in for someone like Rahul Gandhi.


2014 elections are probably going to be the most exciting elections in Indian history. Narendra Modi alone wil l not be able to get BJP/NDA to a majority. Rahul Gandhi will probably help congress lose more. The key to making the government will be then with regional parties.

So what its gonna be. NaMo, Rahul or third front. Or will AAP decide ? I also wonder the sad state of Indian politics. As citizens of this country we are caught between a hard place and rock. But like Thomas Jefferson said “The government you elect is government you deserve.