Have you actually seen NaMO Demonetisation survey

Never mind fellow netizens and experts with a IQ of 200 and above. You are free to comment and make jokes about it. Buzzfeed has actually a whole list of it here.

So I thought for a change it will be nice for us to see what the survey actually is like. So I dowloaded the survey and took some screen shots.

First, I agree that that large number of poor people who don’t smart phone cannot respond to the survey. But I fail to remember when was the last time in our history we actually asked the poor about their opinion. So lets not bring the poor into the argument just to win some points. This is the first time a politician is even asking  people about their opinion on a policy. It may not be the best medium but its a start.

But back to the survey.

Some questions use a scale. It may not be a perfect Likert scale but its not that bad that you simply ostracise the survey. All the questions are easy to understand.  May be one or two questions like the one that says – anti corruption activists are now supporting corruption- Yes or No is over the top and should have been removed. In all  Yes or No questions one could have added- I don’t know as an option

And yes all those who have smart phone and want to have their opinion heard can always criticise the  demonetisation move on this app first  and then take to twitter. That way they will get to see the questions 🙂






Now this is super bad question. This Should be deleted. Its a you are with us or against us kind of question
Don’t agree click Don’t know



Kejriwal vs the rest of us

You have to admire Kejriwal. He and  AAP has single handedly brought BJP’s  election  juggernaut to a halt and in lots of knots. This means lots of digestion problems. First BJP has  to digest Kiran Bedi ( or throw her out ). Then they have to digest the possibility of not be able to form government in Delhi. And finally they have to digest arrogance. From now on no slogans only accha karma 🙂

See the point is it doesn’t matter so much whether AAP forms government in Delhi or not.  But if BJP is not able to form government in Delhi it will be nothing but defeat. Period.

If BJP  loses in Delhi it means from now on the only way is down. And that is why the whole of BJP is in Delhi trying to make sure that they win and win convincigly.

BJP should be  shit worried of loss in Delhi because after Mumbai, Delhi is the second largest city getting high on stock market and real estate also known to some of us as  #acchedin. And if here they are not able to convince  of acche din then BJP has  no chance in other places where all people have got is promises and slogans.  Worst they might end up inspiring Rahul Gandhi to wake up from slumber. Get ready for another bout of escape velocity, women empowerment and poverty mental make models.

I personally have only two observations on Delhi Election. BJP should not act as bully and resort to personal attacks on Kejriwal. Remember what happened when Mani Shankar Aiyer made the chai wala remark on Modi.

Second Kejriwal should know that Ceaser’s wife should be above suspicion. You just can’t take donation from Bogus companies. You are a Taxman. You know better.

In the end my sense is we are staring at hung assembly in Delhi but the verdict is loud and clear. It is Kejriwal -1 and Rest of us + BJP+ Acche din =0

Lets wake up hung and high on 10th 🙂