Common views of common people is how we would like to define Nothingpost. We don’t the cutting edge analysis. We have no sharp views on the newest political party of the new iPhone in town.

We are collection of story tellers and we love it. We see observe, write and share stories that interest us in the hope that you will like them  as well. We want to write and we want to share. Other than that there are no grand plans at the moment

Currently nothingpost is Rahul Nainwal, Vivek Joshi, Shruti Saxena, Arjun Joshi , Anupama Pain.

We welcome people who would love to write and share their stories on this platform. Do get in touch at rahul@ivolunteer.in




11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rahul !

    We seem to have a lot in common:
    – Social enterprise
    – himjoli articles
    – Enfield Bullet (pre-1975??)
    – wanting to live in Chile! (who could have guessed that!)

    It would be cool to hook up meet up for a coffee or beer depending upon the time of day.

    I am mumbai based. (at least 15 days a month anyway) but travel frequently to BLR DEL.

    I wanted to also do an article on iVolunteer but more on that later. Check out our site, we started last month.

    Look forward to hear from you.


  2. Good to have found some quality writing on your blog. Quite a desert out there. Surprised I did not bump into you in my one year of blogging, somewhere ‘Between Write and Wrong’. No, not shameless enough to drop a link but certainly not going away without dropping a hint. 🙂
    Glad to have found this space! Will be coming for more, Nainwal.
    And no, most people are not IIT IIM. Some of us are married to them. 😀

  3. Hi Rahul

    Good refreshing blog, I must say. I belong to Shimla as well and have a BE from NIT Durgapur as well! I am in Gurgaon these days and am going to Dharamshala next week. Would be great to catch up.


  4. Dear Rahul,

    I’ve just moved to Patna from Delhi and this blog helped me prepare for the transition. I work with UNICEF and am here at least till December. Would love to connect and understand more about your work and the city.


  5. Doing good still on way to figure out what next, currently based out of ahmedabad at place where Divya use to work.

    How are you donig?

    1. cool. CIE you mean. I’m doing fine. India Fellow is up and running. Also working to built a incubator for social entrepreneurs.

      Well there has never been a better time to start something of your own. Only entrepreneurship can make you rich and or famous and bring lots of meaning to your life but I guess you know that.

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