To Protest or not to protest #Jallikatu

The answer came to me after a long time.

I totally agree that cruelty against animals is the worst form of cruelty and a slap on the face of entire humanity. Why ? Because animals can’t speak . They have to suffer silently the whole thing. If we are the higher beings then we have to treat other animals with kindness.

I’m all against animal cruelty but hey my morning starts with a healthy animal cruelty.

How ?

My morning tea has milk that is not meant for me. It’s for the calf. Imagine a cow who is lactating after delivery. Her calf is hungry. He is brought to the her just so that she can start giving milk. The calf doesn’t get to drink much. Almost all of the milk is taken away to be sold.  Now replace calf with your newborn.  Would you like mother’s milk for your newborn to be taken away from him.

So yes protest by all means but first put down that chicken wing and leave your lattes else you are just a Facebook animal friendly hypocrite.

Some would argue let’s start change with Jallikatu. I would say lets start change with us. Let’s start with our morning tea.






2 thoughts on “To Protest or not to protest #Jallikatu

  1. I say lets start with something that isn’t an absolute necessity. A whole lot of people people have deep dependence on milk as a protein and calcium intake. And much as I dislike milk, and I don’t have it anyway, it’s difficult to get rid of it overnight. But Jalikattu? Mobbing a poor defenseless animal? For what? protein intake? Calcium? Or just male hormonal bravado? Do we really wamnty to be culturally identified with a wretched ritual where a panicked animal is chased by a mob and bravado is raised in its fall and defeat?

    1. I agree but we probably have to start with things that are not cultural. How about first banning Polo and Horse races. I’m sure no one will mind.

      Also milk was a necessity years back, now no longer. And that stuff is not good for us anyways.

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