My resolutions for 2017

When you make your  resolutions public you can depend on the energy of the universe to make them happen. Also one can  count on good friends to remind  every now and then.

So here is a list of my resolutions for the coming year and I need everyone’s help to make them happen.

  1. Say NO: I find it impossible to say NO to anything. This year I want to learn to say NO to things that are not important or urgent or interesting. No more saying YES just because you feel obligated. No more saying YES to that extra Roti. NO to that conference or meeting that is just a waste of time.
  2. Say YES to Meditation and Yoga: I want learn meditation and Yoga. Its been on my list of things to do for a long time. I feel now is the time in my life to start doing it. Any leads on how to go about doing this?
  3. Learn something new: Either hone up swimming skills or learn to skateboard. I don’t remember when was the last time I learned something which was physical in nature.
  4. Read 12 books: On an average one book a month for year 2017.
  5. Learn to code .. again : 16 years ago I could write SQL code and make it talk to databases. The world has changed in these 16 years. I want to understand what people code now days. My first stop is the learning to do programming with Scratch. Scratch is a visual programming language for kids.
  6. Lead a minimalist life: Buy less and discard anything that is in excess is going to be a mantra for 2017.
  7. Eat and live healthy: I want to reduce 4 whites in my food. White rice, white sugar, white milk and white atta ( maid or anything processed)

So these are my resolutions for 2017. I would love to know what are yours.


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