The Skoda Yeti affair

No one wants to get it wrong. No one one to admit that they made a mistake. No one wants to get cheated.

I was wrong, I made a mistake and I got cheated . Hey I’m getting old man and losing the touch.

Part one of the story started with an advert of Skoda Yeti in Dehradoon. I went to check the car. Interestingly Dehradun Audi showroom was selling this car. They got it from one of their customer in exchange offer. The customer was one Mr Jamyang Kalsang who owns a famous Chinese  restaurant  in Dehradoon and Mussorie called ” Kalsang Friends corner”. He was buying a Audi Q5 ( avg cost upward 50 lacs). He got a nice exchange offer for his Yeti.

The car looked okay. There was some rattling in suspension which Audi guy told me was nothing but some minor bush work. I called Mr Kalsang personally to find out and he told me that the car is fine. It only needs a service and it has done 60,000 kms. I was at ease after hearing from Mr Kalsang himself

All good. I can handle minor bush work. Deal done. Money paid. Yeti is now mine.

Part two of the story started with going to the Skoda Service station in Delhi after I purchased the car. A quick look into the computer told me that the car had done 64000 kms in May 2014. So by now it must have done over 1 lac kms. Mr Kalsang who can afford to buy a Q5 has actually managed to turn the meter backwards.

Well done Mr Kalsang!

The “bush” work meant you have change the whole suspension. You can’t just repair the bushes. And this means about Rs 80,000

Well done Audi Dehradoon !

And to add cherry on the cake. At 1 lac kms you need to replace timing belt too. The water pump was bust too so that needed replacement as well. Total bill north of Rs 1 lac.

They say you get what you pay for. But I paid honest rupee for Yeti. I also trusted both the parties in the transaction. I’m now left wondering why someone like Mr Kalsang who is super rich and drives a Q5 will actually do such a cheap thing like tempering the meter. May be he got an extra Rs 50,000 from me. Really for 50,000 rupees.

And why would brand like Audi won’t check car before they sell it to a customer even though it is not Audi. My faith in Audi dealership is zero at the moment. Next they can sell a brand new lemon to you as well. Even if they had no mollified intention their ability to value car is a big ZERO. I wonder how will they fix cars in the workshop.

Normally I trust people with small things like these. You want to cheat, cheat big. Have some standard man.

Both Kalsang Chinese restaurant and Audi Dehradoon are off limits now.

Learned my lesson. I’m never going to trust big people again.They are the ones who will take you for a ride ( a bumpy one)




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