JNU vs the rest of ( Ordinary)us

JNU is a fine a institution. Some of the most amazing talker, thinker, activists and intellectuals that I have  met came from JNU. But barring a few none of them ever listens to other’s opinions. See, they are always right. You are with them or against them. In a discussion with them you always concede and change the topic so as not to risk the evening and wine.

To be honest ” India Ki Barbadi tak.. Jung rahegi” is just a slogan. In any large university like JNU there are fringe elements who would like to create trouble. And universities are places for students to  discuss, disagree and do such things. In a few years some of them will become IAS and for the next 40 years or so they will be too worried about their annual CR report-” Aakhir secretary bhee to ban na hai”

In my opinion the Government should have just ignored what ever happened at JNU instead picking up Kanhaiya Kumar and using sedition against him. Trying to find terror links is too heavy handed. Listen to his speech here. He is a fine patriot in my humble opinion.


However ordinary Indian like me feels very bad when I hear “India Ki Barbadi”. But my response is limited to Facebook. I know that slogans don’t make you a traitor. You have to take very large loans and run a airline to become one .

On the other  hand some Indians will be deeply disturbed by anti India slogans. They will call those who are shouting slogans ” Desh drohi” and brand the whole bunch of JNUers as traitors. And to be honest that’s freedom of speech and expression too. And the JNU wallah’s should be respectful of that. But they are not. And that is my problem with the whole JNU crowd. They never listen and they are always right. Their idea of freedom of speech  is only their freedom of speech. The rest of “ordinary us” can just shut up.

But I fully stand with Kanhaiya Kumar and he should be released. And if you want to catch a real true blue “desh drohee” may be you can start with Vijay Mallya.





One thought on “JNU vs the rest of ( Ordinary)us

  1. Rahul, what you say comes from your heart. What you strongly feel inside comes out mildly through your words in public. When you raise the Slogan “India Ki Barbadi tak.. Jung rahegi” what do you have in your heart, love for the nation or hate for the Nation? When you say “India ke Hazaar Tukre tak… Jung rahegi” how is your feeling any different from the enemies of our nation ?

    Terrorists, Suicide Bombers, Sleeper Cells, Anti-national elements are not born but bread and brainwashed from people withing our system. They can be anybody. I do see people wishing India Ke Barbadi and 1000 pieces of our nation to be potential threat to us and our nation. I want them to be investigated if they are a part of a bigger plot or conspiracy against me and my nation. I am not talking of Kanhaiya but who so ever it may be.

    There have been several videos that are circulating, during the speech and during the marches, let the investigating authorities deal with the content and authenticity of them.

    I certainly wish my government to be following the rule of law to investigate these elements in order to keep us and our country safe. Let the investigative agencies and legal system deal with the matter. Lets not intervene and make them bias.

    Yes I agree the real blue “desh drohee” should be caught and punished and the loot to the nation be returned. Recent Tax Notice to Vodafone is also a step towards this direction. Lets use our efforts to discuss and debate this and make our government act on these blue desh drohees. But let us not mix this with the case of potential anti-national elements in our campuses.

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