2016 Mumbai marathon and Indian style loo

2015 Mumbai marathon: 4hrs 16 minutes. 2016 Mumbai Marathon 4hrs 16 minutes.  Can you spot the difference.

No you cannot. But I can.

I took a train back to Delhi. I was able to use the Indian style potty. And man that is the difference.

For those who know me and how I train for runs will know that my strategy to train for races is very simple. Train as little as possible. Rest a lot between runs. And whenever possible avoid a potentially long run. For half marathon this works perfectly.  But for longer runs like full marathons this means disaster.

Last year after the Mumbai Marathon I limped for a week. I was in excruciating pain. This year it was completely different. Other than couple of blisters I had nothing to complain about. I ran the whole course barring few meters of the dreadful Peddar road incline. I was fine after the race. And I’m fine now. I feel like I can do another full marathon in a weeks time.

So what was different this year. I did even less training than last year. I avoided all the long runs barring one 28kms in Jahapanah and that too very close to the race. But there was one important difference.

I ran without a watch.

I didn’t wanted to but circumstances so happened that it was a question of either spending money on the watch or running without it. A friend suggested that why don’t I try running without the watch. With a lot of hesitation I decided to go with his advise.

And Man what a run. I didn’t let anyone push me including myself. I ran at a pace that felt natural and easy. Till the finish point I had no idea if I was running slow or fast. Everyone that I know in the runners world overtook me but I was not concerned. I really enjoyed the run and may be that has made the difference.

I had a goal of running a full marathon under 4 hrs this year. I always have goals like these. But these goals can wait. For now let me chuck the watch and enjoy the run.




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