If nothing is impossible then so is drinking tea without sugar!

I have a confession to make – I am not diabetic but I drink tea/coffee without sugar!

It all started when my Dad was diagnosed with Type II diabetes a few years back. Mom and Dad started having tea/coffee without sugar. So sugar was bought in the house owing to my tea drinking habit with sugar.


Don’t know how I got the idea of trying out the hot beverages sugar free. The first trial felt like the worst thing to have ever been tasted. So was the second, third and fourth round of trials. My Mom wanted me to give up these trial rounds suggesting why should I even attempt these at such a young age! That I must enjoy drinking them like everyone else.

Dad however drew a contrasting picture suggesting that tea/coffee taste best without the sweet touch. That one would get the real taste and flavour of the beverage. This made me more headstrong about the fifth trial. After all, why should Mom and Dad have all the fun of tasting the real flavour!

The fifth trial was successful as I got accustomed to the taste. This has now turned into a successful habit. Yes, I still drink tea/coffee without sugar! It has been more than 2 years now. From friends to relatives marvel at the site of me having these beverages sugar free and not even sugar less! At that time it really makes me wonder if nothing is impossible then why can’t be drinking tea/coffee without sugar.

As I am winding up my blog now my cup of tea is resting next to my laptop. The aroma of hot ginger tea! Of course it has no sugar! Not even a few grains of it…

Image Courtesy: Google search


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