Losing my mind

Last night I had a dream. In my dream Shapiro came and said to me” things are normal” buddy. Don’t you worry.  But hey you can ask me to do other things too. I’m just bored with the same thing over and over. For instance look at that fella Wilcox. He has lots of fun every time I miss. Or look at the twins- T and the Student T.  When things are okay they get to play. I politely replied. Listen Shapiro look at the brighter side. No one is asking you to check the mood. Or look at that poor Ansari.test Living past its glory. Tell me when was the last time you saw a doctoral student do a ansari.test. And the plight of Bradley too. The “R” guys forgot to put his name in the ansari.test. It killed him. After Shapiro came “Poisson”. I was about to make a move but  “Lamda” came in between and I said to myself,  some other time…. Let me get my “mu’s and sigma’s right. From somewhere I heard Kendall calling me. I got disturbed and said ” Can I have a moment please”. To which came the response “Pearson or L”. And then I was going somewhere in a Innova. Through out the journey I kept checking whether its two sided or one sided. I woke up horrified and made a mental note of not sleeping without getting a varimax rotation. I also need to do some Ta-Chi. My chi’s(^2) are all out of balance. And I’m going to find ” Goon”. That goon is gone. Got to go now… Paaani ka ” Null” kharab ho gaya hai.


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