Foxhole buddy and atheists

Today I learned a new word. It is called “Foxhole buddy”.

First about foxhole itself. Foxhole is a hole in the ground used by troops as a shelter against enemy fire or as a firing point. Another name for trench I would say. Its usage became very popular during the second world war.

As we know buddy system was popular in battles. Every soldier was assigned a buddy. You would often be lying in trenches with your buddy and surviving whatever was happening outside the trench/foxhole.  This was a key survival technique. However it was important to have foxhole buddy who is not braver than you are so that you don’t  wander out and do something brave (and foolish).

Talking about foxholes “There are no atheists in foxhole” became a very popular expression during the time of the war which meant that in the times of extreme crisis and fear deep down we all believe in a higher power.

We all have our foxhole buddies until we discover that some of them are not. I had my share of misses too. A guy that I grew up with turned out to be a real fox. He broke the code and in the process  nearly destroyed everything that I valued in life. And then he moved on with his life as if nothing has happened. I knew him for 24 years. To be honest I do miss him sometimes but I’m much better and stronger without him.

My other so called foxhole buddy turned down to be a complete a**hole. He was so keen to always put me down in the trench that in the end it made  sense not to share the trench with this foxy character.

In the end I got more foxhole buddies and less foxes in my life.  And in the process  I also got my own little foxhole where three of us huddle together and watch stars and aeroplanes.

So cheer to the foxhole and foxhole buddies.


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