Mao’s great famine and the Red sari

These two books are on my to-read list for this month.

The Red Sari by Javier Moro’s is an in-depth account of life of Sonia Gandhi. The reason I picked this book is to read more and more about Indian contemperory history and politics to get sense of what is happening around me. I’m also curious to know what is in this  book that made Gandhi family sit up and promote the book by stopping its publication in India.

The other book is about Supreme Leader Mao and the great leap forward which supposedly killed 50-100 million people in China. Aptly titled ” Mao’s great famine” by Frank Dikotter it traces the rise of Chinese communism and Mao made famine that followed it. I’m also curious to learn more about our neighbour.

So let’s see how they turn out. Reviews later.



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