A bad day indeed

Bad days are bad days. But some days are badder ( if there is a word like that).  To be honest these days start like normal days until emails start coming in and FB updates start popping in.

The first update to kill my morning joy was about this NYT writer leaving Delhi for good because of pollution in Delhi. For good two hours after that I kept wondering where I should move to.. Shimla or Dehradoon?. After much deliberations I finally settled in Delhi, again.  I left this question of moving out open for a later day. But its kind of sad when you have choice to move out but in reality you have no choice.

Work wise it was a tad disappointing as we had a closure on something that didn’t turned out the way I expected but the way it should be. A little disappointment in the short term for a brighter long term. But things like these always leave a sorrow’ish ( lets hope there is a word like that) taste in my mouth. Inside i’m a salesman who wants to pitch, close and move on. I know have my own set of contradictions but I don’t want to come face to face with them on a bad day.

And of all the days one can pick the Indian financial markets had to fall today. Sensex lost 680 plus points as if its nothing but a sneeze. A simple message from Governor Raghu Ram Rajan about the real state of Indian economy combined with the prospect of weak monsoon sent the markets tumbling. As a results I got a lot of reds on my portfolio. Not good, not good.

And when you think what else can go wrong I went home I picked the wrong book to complete. I have been dreading the final 20 -30 pages but today I decided to do the honours. The book is titled “To live” by Yu Hua.  It’s an award winning novel about life in Chine before and  during Chinese revolution. The story is simple. Everyone dies other than the main character ( Fugui) and his Ox. You get my point. To be fair, its a really nice book. You just need to pick a better day to finish it.


So what do you do when you have a bad day. Well you eat lots of mangoes. That always works and you live to fight another day.

Time to sleep now.


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