Forget Modi, tell me what are you proud of as a Indian

Honestly, I can think of many many reasons that makes me hang my head in shame of India and being a Indian. Very few to make me proud especially when I leave our 4000 year old history behind.

Now don’t get me wrong. Mr Modi’s arrival has not made me become a proud Indians either. Frankly there is very little in India to be proud of especially now.

We still exist as a democracy but its practically all broken, corrupt, patriarchal and feudal and we still have to deal with the Gandhi empire. Its so bad that so many of us  secretly wish for a benevolent dictator.

Look around. Roads are broken. Power doesn’t come. Health system is broken. And on top of it there is Government’s boot on our ass all the time.  So many years after independence and we still have 400 million Indians living in abject poverty. We must have learned the art  of keeping people poor and hungry.

So for a moment forget chest beating patriotism, Modi and “everything that is good is Indian” .  Do let me know what I should be proud of as a Indian.




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