Why I still watch ‘I Love Lucy’…

I really love ‘I Love Lucy’. The comic and witty dialogues makes the show my all time favourite!

To all those who are not familiar with ‘I Love Lucy’ show here’s goes a small note on it. ‘I Love Lucy’ was a landmark television series in television history. The main theme – the adventures of the leading lady (Lucy) – wife of a musician (Ricky) trying to get into show business. She would manage to drag their landlords cum best friends (Ethel & Fred) into her never to be imaginable adventures.

So it is an old show dated back to 1950’s with really old forms of communication being shown and women mostly presented as homemakers with not much of a career choice. But why do I still watch it ?

Daddy of all comedies: Many ideas from the show have been copied or rather inspired in shows/movies that came in later. For example, throwing food items at each other’s faces or ideas of husbands and wives switching places to know how the other person’s world works.

Simple story-line : The writers have done a brilliant job of almost every episode. They were of an average length of 20 plus minutes with quite a tight script!

Flawless performances : The artists have performed with such perfection. They are good singers, dancers, and of course good actors. All in all talent profoundly presented!

–  Black and White: No I am not referring to Micheal Jackson’s Black or White song video. But how it is soothing to watch the I Love Lucy shows. They are black and white!

Clean and a healthy comedy: It is a perfect comedy show for family viewing.There are characters that both men and women can identify themselves with. Not a saas bahu serial that mostly women watch these days.


The fact that the show ran for 6 years speaks for its success! Though hard to choose some of the episodes that remain a favourite with me – Lucy does a TV Commercial, Job Switching, Lucy changes her mind, Home Movie, Lucy and Superman.

So are you planning to watch a I Love Lucy episode ? You could start with these and might start loving them they way I do!


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