The uncomfortable truth

In IRMA we read that we have state, corporates and NGOs (civil society) in a country. Where ever there is market failure civil society fills up that space. No one  told me that this is farthest from the truth. The truth is not only  different but scary.

In reality we have State and corporates. Its quite difficult to say who is who. Both are very powerful and omnipresent. And they can destroy our lives.

This week 25 people have been killed in cold blood by cops in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana. Why? A cop says that there are no rules that we have to shoot people in the leg so we will shoot in the head idiot. There is not even a murmur of protest. Indian media is busy discussing what General V.K Singh said and what Shobha De thinks about Marathi films. Gen V.K Singh is right. #pressitutes

Indian government has overnight banned Greenpeace. Why  because they can hurt national pride and GDP. Really ! And by banning them we can stand tall and proudly admit our complete PR failure. And what about one day  banning  Union Carbide or tobacco companies like ITC. On the other hand Telecom companies are working overtime to make sure that they control the internet with help from TRAI. Next time you want to use twitter to protest you better pay up.

The land of the poor is on the verge of being forcibly taken thanks to the new Land Bill. No questions asked. We continue to live in polluted cities like Delhi and no one is banning cars, factories etc.  But yes go ahead and ban the beef.

If you are not Government or big companies you should be very scared and very careful. But if you are then hey its a fire sale. Everything must go. And eventually the meek will be left to inherit India and its ruins.


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