For a dear friend who is turning 40

At the stroke of midnight you will rendezvous with 40. Let me tell you this with some experience that I have of such meetings.They say that 40s are 30s and  30s are the new 20s .And 20s are just mad mad and  “madder “. By this logic you have just entered 20s and you might as well order a new “you” to go with it.

Its 40.  A few grey here and there but lots of sunshine and moonshine.  So here a toast to you entering the tender age of 40.

I wish that you savour the next decade with naughtiness ( and finesse in small doses). May you stock lots of wine for good days and moov for very good days. And let there be no unfinished book or bottle of wine in your house.

I wish you find lots of friends and lovers and no wisdom to differentiate between the two ;). Let your thoughts flow effortlessly  into  words and they start with ” Hamare Zamane mein…”

So 40s are here. Hang your shoes/boots. Pick up those sneakers and start running or cycling. And get that 40s mean look on your face with a kick ass attitude to go with – yes we give a F***k , but only when we want.

Welcome to 40. 🙂






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