Dear Delhi … Love Bombay : Aaj Toh Post Banta Hai!

Two things make Delhi dearer today.

Their sheer faith for he has faltered once before. What does this victory mean really? A lot in terms of politics and future. But what it clearly means is the grit and faith of a people who are ready to give a second chance. How often does one get that. There are so many things i know i would have done differently had i got it. For Kejriwal – you know that something somewhere is right.

I personally love the idea of a group of people bringing about change. The differences amidst them and yet the harmony they create together. Too romantic perhaps; but forever i like to see a band of people doing something remarkable. That could be producing music, playing at a world cup, running a democracy or doing a fellowship. I think i was growing a bit worried about the validity of my idea of late. Was looking for a reassurance that it can happen. Weirdly, it was AAP which brought me this faith today in the middle of all the other places i was searching for it. Whether they will rise up to the trust or falter is anyone’s guess. This way or that, Delhi is all set to write some of the busiest pages of its political history from tomorrow on.

Cause Anumitra’s Big Bong Theory cooks food like Ma does. The postcard reminded me of the ones Ma would write to Calcutta in her neat Bangla alphabets and occasionally Antara and i would also get our 2 lines of glory each where we would write the ‘how are you mama and mashi?’ in the smallest font ever. I wanted to eat everything on the menu tonight – for some reason i have been missing her food. Or may be her love with which it was made just for me. When the amount of mustard in your fish curry is just right and the lime squeezed over the bland daal neither less nor more; the tomato chutney not too sweet and the amount of oil dripping from the brinjal fry high – you know that something somewhere is right. Yes Delhi, amidst your bhaturas and the gosht, i was missing this for a while.

The Big Bong Theory opened a couple of months ago at 122, stone’s throw from my 95 in Shahpur Jat. I had interacted with the owner Anumitra who also is the lead chef and figured that it is a place running on her passion for the cuisine and intent to make the flavours known. Post the meal i could not resist hugging her to express my gratitude for making me feel loved … for she cooked with all her heart just as Ma would have.

What better than closing the day of a public historic victory on a personal gastronomical high!


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