Why I’m going to quit running full marathons

Full marathons are tough. Full marathons in Mumbai in January for Delhi runners is tougher. We train at sub 10 degrees temperatures in Delhi and then end up running 42 kms in Mumbai heat.

This marathon was no different. It was hot and it only got hotter during the later part of the day. As usual I started strong and kept a good pace till 21kms or so. Then I caught the 4hr bus. The pacer was good but running a bit fast. She took me and her brood for another 10kms or so and then the famous leg cramps got me. After that it was a struggle. I was doing walk- run till the finish line. But to be honest if it was not crowd support ready to help you with salt, food, water and spray I would have quit the race.

Even though I finished the race and got my personal best of 4hrs 16 minutes, I was tired, miserable and very fatigued. Partly it was my fault. My longest practice run was about 31-32 kms and that too only once. I rarely put any effort in muscle strengthening.  I also never get any sleep the night before the race in anticipation of the big day. And this time to add more flavour to this already dangerous cocktail I added three large rums too 🙂 May be that is what added to the cramps

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.57.59 am

In the end it was not worth it. There was a real danger of getting seriously injured and thereby effectively closing the chapter of running in my life. And I anyways don’t enjoy running more than 20kms at a time. So I’m most probably quit running full marathons until I can get serious about trainings before the run and stop drinking at least 1 week before the race.

As they say in full marathons, there is no cheating. You get what you put in.


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