Charlie Hebdo: Few days after

The attack happened and the protest happened and sides were taken by each side. We were fighting, shouting and trolling, abusing and doing pretty much everything that is against freedom of speech. Here are some of my observations online, offline and everywhere else a few days later.


1)  Feet on the street terrorist almost invariable come from poor areas. Rich are either scared, smart or too busy. Take your pick?

2) There is always  conspiracy brewing somewhere. Wonder when can we truly believe what our governments tell us to believe.

3) All lives are not equal. Almost no one ever gives a shit to what happens in Africa. The same week Boko Haram quietly  killed 2000  but #Jesuischarlie. No liberal even gets upto defend Boko Haram.

4) Some don’t want to discuss the book. Others want to discuss the book but don’t want to read  it. Terrorist have not read it but they still want to claim 21 virgins.

5) If you are Indian and have not criticised attacks on M.F Hussein then you have absolutely no right to criticise anything regarding freedom of expression. Take another birth  or open a fake FB account to do that.

6) People fall in the following categories- Naive, Right wing, Foot in Mouth, Liberal, Politically Correct, Apologist, AAPtards, Modi Bhakts, Islamophobic and Sanghi

7) People will remember your last facebook post.

8) No discussion by Indians on Facebook  is ever complete without mentioning  Modi, RSS, AAPtards, 1984, Gujarat.

9)  Freedom of speech granted but the Cartoons were in really bad taste and offensive.

10) “Ishwar allah tere naam sabko sanmati de bhagwan”



One thought on “Charlie Hebdo: Few days after

  1. I completely agree. I have been a reporter myself for a considerable time and now I have my own blog and I also freelance. I strongly believe that media should be independent and there should be freedom of speech and expression. But that doesnn’t give us a right to offend anyone’s beliefs and sentiments even if we ourselves don’t believe it them. I went through the cartoons and the copy, and they were actually offensive. Its ok to be an atheist or an agnostic or a liberal or whatever one wants to call themselves but that doesn’t give anyone the right to violate the other person’s beliefs or culture or anything. Let one man’s pleasure not be another’s pain.

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