Why Hindus need to celebrate ” PK”

So finally saw the film. I had two choices- download or watch it in theatre. Fortunately Akhilesh Jee S/O Soft Yadav jee downloaded it and told us that even though the movie is good the print is not so he is going to make it tax free so that even he can afford to see it in cinemas.

After watching the film I immediately went home and checked with my “own” Bhagwan Shiv Jee if HE felt offended in the movie. HE promptly said Dude chill-even if offence meant- none taken. We Gods cannot “afford” to get mad on issues of religion- we have outsourced that to you.

So why are we mad ? One of my wiser friends commented- If it was Ranbir Kapoor rather than Aamir Khan then PK would have been just a film and acting.  So the problem is not with PK its with AK. AK teaches and preaches too much and makes money by doing so and make us look like fools. Someone in the audience quipped- PK is fine but I would have loved some jokes on Islam and christianity too. “Maine Kaha-Beta marwao ge kya AK ka poster chap jayega Fatwa waala :)”


Jokes apart as a Hindu I’m really proud of PK. It  does pin points everything that is superficial with us as . The fake baba’s, the relation between fear and religion needed to be told and shared even more widely.  Every few 50-100 years Hinduism needs reformation and that is the only way we can move forward.

PK in a masterstroke tells something which is very beautiful about the Hinduism. That beautiful word is tolerance. Don’t go by the protests about the movie.The fact that movie made 250 Cr means a lot of Hindus did watched the film and are enjoying it. Why do we enjoy a movie that supposedly makes fun of Hinduism ? Because we know that our faith is not fragile. I can laugh at Shiva and still have a beautiful relationship with him. Nothing is told- there are no do’s and don’ts. And eventually tolerance is the only way forward. Most advanced societies are tolerant and not fundamentalist.

In the end Hinduism doesn’t need defending and especially from thugs burning theaters and shouting slogans. Shiva doesn’t need defending. The only place Shiva needs defending is in my heart and that is all that matters.


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