365 days of vegetarian

Well I had to wait for 365 days to write this blog. Last year on 1st of January 2014 I made one resolution after eating a whole chicken and smoked trout fish. Shun meat. Eat veggies. Well sound simple but not so simple for me.  See I love meat. Even after a year of living on veggies the images and flavours of Ghalib’s Kebab, Juicy Nihari and succulent Haleem are still fresh. I know what I’m missing

Nevertheless the resolution was in place. I felt the need to do this because I was becoming a slave of non-vegetarian food. I would approach every plate of Kebab and Tikkas as if it  was my last meal before apocalypse. I would overeat a lot and be very greedy when it comes to food. I felt the need to  heal my relationship with food and starting with leaving meat felt like the first step.

So a year down the line I’m still not eating meat and now looking at ways to reduce dairy in my diet. The other thing that I will explore this year is to eat more local, seasonal and raw food. And most importantly I want to start eating less. This will be my second step to heal my relationship with food. I need to eat what is right and not over eat even if it is veggies.

So finally one resolution that stuck. Let 2015 be another good year. I have now a whole list of resolutions that desperately need some work.


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