Fakebook Souls!

dry run

I dare not, nor do you.
Hidden and wrapped,
In words, in images, in likes and in comments,
On Facebook or Instagram,
Stalking and peeping through,
On screens, online.
We communicate,
We share,
We appreciate,
We scorn,
And discern.

I dare not, nor do you,
Go deeper, go beyond,
Thy skin nor mine,
None of us have time.

Its too busy,
Too far,
Some live by the corner or,
Miles away the ocean,
Yet, none to find closer,
Fake you, phoney I am,
Masked we all are.

I am scared, jaded,
You insecure, lonely.
On guard, we sail,
Defensive, reactive, impulsive,
Hungry or elated,
In need of attention,
To be the centre.
How and why?

Not sure.
Who to share,
How to deflect,
No no, not to reflect,
The inner misery,
The timid treasury,
Its hard, its tough,
Not ready to face,
Where to go after…

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