Why you should see this video?

If you are between 20 and 30 and thinking about what to do next then this is one video that you must watch. But let me warn you there is no promise. No light that automatically appears at the end of the tunnel. Don’t come to save someone else lives. Don’t come with  romantic ideas of working for the poor. Poverty and disadvantage will not disappear magically because you decided to spend the next 13 months of your life working at Grassroots through the India Fellow program.  You will not save a million lives. Not in a year.

Honestly the only life in question is yours and what you chose to do with it. Will you take take the bigger step as Nishant did. Can you take a leap of faith. Can you jump not knowing ?

If you can then go ahead watch this video . Go and Discover your journey and remember that when you jump, the net does appear


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