Does Ghana comes after Singapore-My experiences of VSO volunteers

There are some moments when rays shine right through the dark clouds especially when we are conducting assessment days. This blog is dedicated to all our volunteers who made our work worthwhile and fun. You guys went never went to volunteer is not a issue šŸ™‚

iVolunteer Blog

11 years and a few hundred VSO volunteers, the iVolunteer overseas program has come a long way. Not only it gave Indians an opportunity to volunteer overseas andĀ gain valuable skills but also helped them broaden their horizon and provideĀ a whole life change experience. And it was not all work. Since we started we have had volunteer having babies, volunteers finding love in the countries where they were placed. Talk about changing lives and yes we were doing it.

I had my share of incidents while interacting with volunteers. Earlier we used to conduct in person assessment days to select volunteers. Our personal interview was very deep had questions around relationshipsĀ . I remember once I was training another selector to take the interview. HeĀ was asking the questions about marriage and relationships. The applicant was someone in their 40s. And this is how it went.

Selector: Are you married?

Applicant: Yes Iā€™mā€¦

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