5 Things that money can buy

It seems most discussions on money seem to centre around things money can’t buy. The poor seem to have no clue that these discussions happening. Even if they knew they will have no use for it. The rich off-course know the truth but  want to propagate the lie in their own self interest.  That leaves you and me and all those who are having discussion on the merits of having money or not.  But for now let me just cut the crap and make a list of things that money can buy. Or let me be bit more courageous and say that I would buy these things if I had the money. Yes you knew it all along. I’m shallow.

1) Range Rover : Will it  not be nice to drive around in Range Rover in Delhi and take it to places where no one dares to go like Chandni Chowk Market and Lajpat Nagar. I been wanting to go to Khaari Baoli to buy dry fruits as they are much cheaper there. Anyone ?

2) A British cottage in Shimla Hills: Yes with perfect views of sunrise and sunset. My own patch of garden where I can grow veggies and save some money .The cost of vegetables is going high day by day and even Mr R Rajan agrees to that  and that’s why he has not changed repo rate in his quarterly RBI policy meet.

3) A duplex house in Jor ( also known in some sections as Chor bagh)  Bagh or Golf Links : I want to escape C.R Park and all the Bengaliness that comes with it. Fish is too expensive. My maid charges too much money. I want to now live in a neighbourhood where its okay to fleece your maid. All your neighbours are posh and vegan and the only fish in the house is alive and in a aquarium.

4) A lifetime supply of all the new iPhones that are going to come in my lifetime : May be Apple can tell me how many iPhone versions are going to come and at what price . My worry is that by the time they come with iPhone 623 I will be poor again. I can then use the time tested SIP route to buy them. All these Mutual fund advisors do tell us that you should have a goal for your investment. I have 623 now.

5) A seat in Rajya Sabha: I have heard great things about canteen in our Parliament. The food is good and cheap. You can save tons of money. Last heard these seats were for sale in certain part of India where Bhaiyas and Behenjee comes from.

Good for now. Let me keep some money in the bank too and earn a royal 6.6 percent post tax return on it.




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