Harrer, 7 years in Tibet and Dehradoon

Interesting bit of heritage from Dehradoon


I had no clue that I will bump into a bit of Dehradoon heritage when I started researching  about an old trek to Nag Tibba near Mussorie hills. The same Nag Tibba trek was taken by one Heinrich Harrer. Does ” Seven Years in Tibet ( 1952)” rings a bell ? I’m sure it does if you love Brad Pitt.  Our man Harrer wrote it in 1952 and Dehradoon played a part in it.

Harrer wore many hats. He was  a famous mountaineer as well . He was part of the 4 man team that made first ever ascent of the north face of Eiger Mountain in 1938 in Switzerland. That made him the first person to climb Eiger.

SevenyearsbookcoverWhat very few people know that during the second world Heinrich Harrer was imprisoned by the british in a POW camp  in Clement Town, Dehradoon. He was suspected of having links with the Nazis and SS…

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