Lonely heart Broccoli and Mushrooms with rice

Well this is such a simple recipe that even a guy can make it, especially when he is lazy or in a hurry.

Okay so this is how the  cookie crumbles. First of all get the stuff. 250gms  broccoli, a packet of Mushroom ( 250 gms) ,  a handful of onions, Garlic, 2-3 tomatoes, little bit of cream or Malai, some oregano and basil ( dried will do).


Now I know that to a guy its useless to tell how to chop veggies. So go head and do the chopping as you like and where you like. From experience chopping is done best in front of the T.V.Beware  Don’t chop your fingers. This is a vegetarian dish.

Now get the pan. Light the stove. Put some oil and let it heat. First goes garlic. Let them fry a bit and then add onions and after 2-3 minutes add the basil and oregano together with button mushrooms. Add salt and chilli powder to taste. If you don’t like chillies then don’t bother to make this dish. Now cover the lid and put the stove to the lowest possible heat. After a few minutes add tomatoes to the pan and cover cook it it again for some good 15 minutes. Remember to cover the pan with a lid. In between keep stirring the pan so that nothing gets stuck at the bottom. Now add milk/cream/malai and again cover the pan. Another 5-7 minutes of cooking and your mushrooms are cooked.  All the onions would have melted into a nice  creamy gravy. Now we eat

Broccoli I prefer to blanch. Don’t get scared. This is just a fancy word for putting broccoli in hot boiling water for 3-4 minutes and take them out. This is much better than putting them with mushrooms.  Remember to make rice. Rice is very easy if you have a pressure cooker- Rice, twice amount of water and two whistles and that’s it.

Now comes the final step- presentation. For those who have no one to impress or blog to write  can skip this step and proceed to eat.  But for lesser mortals like me this is the most crucial step. I really don’t care how it taste as long as it looks good. So its white plate  and mushrooms and broccoli spread artistically around the rice.

So this is it.  Now if you want a more graphic detail go back to Ravinder Kitchen;)


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