What was Paula Radcliffe doing in Lodhi Gardens

Paula has a unbeatable world record in Women’s Full Marathon 2.15.25 in 2003 during the London marathon. No one has been able to catch up with her for the last 11 years or so.  She has also won many Big city marathons and  other races including european 10000 Mts . And guess what we we had the pleasure of meeting this super women  and ask a few questions to her thanks to the Delhi Runners Group and Reebok Running squad

Paula is currently in Delhi  as the Brand Ambassador of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon which is to be held tomorrow.  It was really nice of her to take some time out and come and meet amateurs like us never mind she was bit late. May be acclimatising to the Indian Standard Time 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.28.50 am

Paula explained her training schedule which includes running 160 miles a week. She had a good tips to share post race runs which was to eat carbs and protein 20 minutes after the race.  For recoveries she shared that she sticks to ice baths and massages. She is really thin and strong. I guess running close to 270 kms per week does that to you.

She patiently answered all questions never mind that some of the questions were really basic for a elite runner like her.  Overall it was really nice to come face to face with a world record holder. I It was a first for me. I was in my chappals and Pyjama  and desperately trying to catch her attention. I wanted to ask her about her most challenging race experience but cat got my tongue. Sadly I could not get a selfie with her.  May be runners with proper attire only 🙂  or I will have to wait for a podium finish tomorrow 🙂

But one this is sure. Some of Paula’s  fast paced running has rubbed on to us. Don’t be surprised if the DRG group does 10 minutes faster tomorrow. One disclaimer. I’m not it in DRG, not yet.

After the interaction myself and Ashish headed home and a few runners went around Lodi Gardens running with her. Its not everyday that you get to match the pace of a world record holder.

Well done Reebok and DRG guys. Thanks a ton.

You can read more about Paula at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paula_Radcliffe


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