My Airtel Delhi Half Marathon account and one day in advance

I’m so confident of this that I have scheduled this post to appear exactly a day in advance.

1) Start of the Marathon: Hmm.. I’m strong. Yes be focussed. Arey Yaar loo kahain hai. Its too cold and I need need to pee. Can I eat one more Banana?. Oh Did I go to Potty at 4 am.

2) 3 kms into the race.: Aaj to yeh race phodne waala huin. I’m doing 5.20 mins to a Km. Good good. This garmin watch is good. Oh.. woh ladkee aage nikal gayee. So under 1.40 to pucca ho jayegee.

3) 7kms into the race: I’m so lucky that I can run. I don’t want to run for any timing. I love running.  Let me just enjoy. Oh. Another lap at 5.60 Mins. This means I will finish under 2.

4) 10 Kms in to the race:  Well its do or die now. Ojha said always do a reverse split. Let me try and run faster. Yaar sab aagey nikal gaye. Where is the gel that shruti gave ?

5) 14 Kms: Where the hell is that gel ? I need some energy. Aaj to saali lag gayee. Hmm Potty feeling. I should have not eaten that banana.

6) 18kms: Bhai kya torture hai, I can’t run this long. What is the bloody point? . Koi medal to milne waala nahin. Yeh Ethiopian kya khaate hain? . Arey yaaar sab ladkiyan aagey nikal gayee

7) 20kms: Bhaag le thoda tej. Itna mar mar ke bhaaga hai finish to strong kar le. Laga le beta Jor. Bus aakhree 100 mts hain. Bipasha hai ya gayee?

8) Race finished: Arey fir wohe puraana time. So disappointed. Friends telling  Koi baat nahin. Next time acche tayaari karna.  sab ne khud Personal best kiya hai

Har saal yahiee hota hai. This is life of marathon runner. And yes we don’t really care about our timing. We just ask everyone ” Bhai tune kitne mein kee”



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