The Cake Diaries

I am Chaitanya, most people close to me also call me ‘The Cake Queen’.  But do I qualify for that name? I don’t know, I know am a very good cook, but I am no Nigella or Dorie or Julia. I am just plain old me, who is very passionate about baking, so much so that I turned my passion into a business. If  they think am good enough a baker to rename me, then ‘The Cake Queen’ I am. I will try to live up to their expectations and who knows maybe one day I might be good enough to have my own show! And until that day comes, I’ll be here posting recipes and bullying y’all to try them out and post the pictures here on The Cake Diaries. After all, baking is more fun when you do it together.

I had been toying with the idea of starting The Cake Diaries on my blog for the past few years, but put it off for some reason or the other. So when Rahul asked me to post on his blog, it seemed like a good idea to start it here. It works more or less the same way as Nigella’s Cookalong or Tuesdays with Dorie group does. Only thing, we don’t need to own any of those cookbooks.  The idea is to get a group of amateur cooks/bakers who share my enthusiasm and are willing to cook or test the recipes I post here. Simple enough. Also, I know the group is called ‘The Cake Diaries’, but the recipes will not be restricted to cakes, it will be anything from my kitchen. I will keep the recipes simpler in the beginning to accommodate everyone, but will post more elaborate stuff as we go, but don’t worry I am no Adriano Zumbo or Marco Pierre White, it will be more fun and less kitchen disasters. I will write another post with basic baking how-to’s before I post the recipes.

Here are the rules to join the group-

1. I will post two recipes in a month, with pictures and step-by step instructions. You can bake/cook and then post pictures within the next 15 days i.e; before I post the next recipe.

2. Please do remember to post the pictures under the category ‘The Cake Diaries’, also add “#thecakediaries”(recipe name) in the title bar.

3. Please do try not to miss more than 4 of the recipes. If at all you cannot bake/cook for some reason, try and post them at a later date.

4. I will mention substitutes for certain ingredients that are not easily available or are very expensive, please mention if you’ve used the original ingredient or the substitute.

5. You don’t have to have a blog to post your baking adventures, but it is helpful. It’s helps other people visit, ogle,  drool and comment on your confections. Feel free to pin the pictures or share them on facebook.

*** If you have any doubts regarding the recipe or have a suggestion for what we can cook together send me an email at


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