If someone offers a Lollipop don’t grab it: age old eastern wisdom

But I grabbed it immediately despite the old age 🙂 eastern wisdom. As soon as the update came up on my Google Nexus 5, I hit the update button and voila the my phone was spanking new with all bright colours and stuff. And for a moment it didn’t matter that it didn’t work. It looked so bloody good. Almost too good to be true. And it was too good to be true  when the time came to use the phone.


So this is how I got Lolli-Pooped.

1) Took some time to figure out where the vibrate, silent and regular ringer key went. I still don’t know how to configure the phone to be silent. Can I shout- Ok Google. Now please shut up your phone.

2) True caller is not working. I have installed and reinstalled but no effect. This is basic phone lifeline for me. Now all the LIC , real estate guys are sneaking inn.

3) Gallery is now in photos. Some bright google engineer in the Kitkat version thought of having  2 categories for pics: Whats app and Camera.  Another bright google engineer in the Lollipop version removed the category and now there are only pictures. People, I want to sometimes delete all my whats app pics in one go. Can you not understand that ?Google if you are listening. Please stop all the free food and energy drinks that you have in your offices.  Some of it going to your geeks head and other parts where it should not be going .

4) Gmail has become so delicate and clunky that I don’t know how to use it well. It also looks a bit weird too.

5) I can’t manage notifications well. I tried everything but I was not able to switch off what’s app notifications coming on the whole screen with vibrations. WTF 😦

6) I can’t make my phone work with Macbook Pro. These two giants don’t seem to talk to each other via USB, Bluetooth or anything else etc. There is no love between them. BTW that is not a Lollipop issue. Its just that Nexus has no Nexus with Mac Book. May be Macbook is too posh for Nexus.

So to cut a long story shot. Don’t update to Lollipop yet.  Wait for a few weeks for Google to iron out glitches. In the meantime I need a new phone. May be Nokia 1310 with torchlight.





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