I am Iron Man !


Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Spiderwoman ( yes I remember seeing her cartoon series ! ) had one thing in common. They all had secret identities ! Secret personal lives, professionals so that their near/ dear ones can be save.

But the new open age source has no secrets. That’s why Iron Man is Iron Man! He doesn’t have a secret identity. He openly claims being a super hero and openly challenges his enemies. The makers of the movie might have had something else in mind. But this is what struck me when I saw the movie.

Come to think of it what an age we live in. We have inventors like Pranav Mistry who make state of the art technologies and are willing to put them up as open source and not commercialize the same. Google has made information such a great leveller that I have the same access to information just as my Professor (but then yes, he has more experience in the world which I may not match). Facebook has bound everyone together – young and old, famous and not so famous and so on.

That’s why maybe Iron Man is Iron Man and not just Tony Stark to the public (in the movie). In this age anyone can do big things. All you need is the right use of your time, ability and resources. That’s the message I got when I heard the words in the movie (I am sure I have bored you with that phrase by now) : I am Iron Man !!

Image courtesy: http://funny-pictures.picphotos.net/


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