Madhuri Dixit and Bacchan’s family live on Maggi or this is what they are telling us

Why are so many children whose families who do not live in abject poverty, who have access to food being diagnosed with severe malnutrition in Dharavi. A article titled  ” how to live and die” on Dharavi diet tries to ask this question

But may be the question needs to be asked to Amitabh Bacchan, Juhi Chawla , Madhuri Dixit and Parineeti Chopra who are promoting these products.  Do they feed their own kids Maggi, and Kurkure ? The answer is a BIG NO. So why recommend it to the masses fully knowing that these are not healthy snacks especially for kids.

Masses and especially kids follow what Movie stars say. . If Amitabh Bacchan says ” 2 minute mein Khushiyan” then a lot of people will believe it . But this 2 minute Maggi Noddles have no nutrition at all to say the least and its not good for your stomach . Do you know what is in Maggi. So all this promotion for fast junk food is taking  kids away from traditional healthy foods. The latest advert by Nestle Maggi shows a women from a poorer background feeding Maggi to her son. Now money that could have been spent on fruits, veggies, raagi rotti, bajra roti, Ghee Laddo, dhikla, chevda will be spent on Maggi.

Nestle has no love for India but you would imagine Amitabh Bacchan would love India because he got so much love from us

Same with our favourite 1,2,3 girl. Seriously Madhuri, goodness of three rotis in Maggi. Is this what you give your kids and husband every day ?.  2 Maggi’s each. I mean you were a superstar and still a superstar. You have kids and your husband is a doctor. So why  sell this crap? Is it money ?

downloadI can expect Parineeti Chopra to sell Kurkure. She probably needs to make money or get airtime. But when  stars like Amitabh and Madhuri starts doing it you wonder what’s wrong with them . I’m sure Maggi Amitabh’s grand daughter doesn’t eat Maggi anytime. So why promote bad food like Maggi to our kids. Sir please stick to Kalyan Jewellers and stuff like that.  Don’t play with children’s health. I know what would you say but every time you promote Maggi  you become an accomplice.



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