Chicks on the train

There are lots of them. They are very young.  May be 20 to a box which is their abode till they reach some place where they will be raised for eggs or for meat. They all seem very excited and chirpy. They are making a lot noise. Are they looking forward to the journey.

The box proudly says that these are one day old chicks. I don’t know what the chicks  are thinking. I don’t know what it means for a chick to be born in this world. They are just in a box trying to look outside. Do chickens have mothers ? Do chicks long for their mothers ? What do they eat when they are the box and just one day old?  Does anyone care for them as they are transported from a hatchery to somewhere else. Do little chicks get a car seat ?

IMG_20141109_201338And  somewhere  in a hospitals there are babies taking birth. Some of them are probably one day old. They are going to raised to be someone’s  daughter or  son. They don’t know what they are.. yet. Some of them are snuggled tightly to their mothers. They are only one day old but they know how to drink milk. A lot of people are watching, praying, taking care of them to make sure they are comfortable and getting strong.

I don’t know where this Blog is going. I felt  bad when I saw all these little chicks and the boxes stacked up at Kathgodam Railway station. Would love to hear what you think. I feel something is not right with this world where babies of humans and animals are treated differently. And this is not the vegetarian argument. It is just a humane argument and may be we are not human beings.



One thought on “Chicks on the train

  1. I have often wondered at or inhumanity when it comes to or treatment of animal young. Why do we not accord them the same courtesy that we do to our own children? Why do we feel it’s alright to separate a pup from it’s mother at infancy and have the gall to assume the mother will soon forget because it’s only a dog? Would you or rather could you forget your offspring? Of veal that we eat, which is culled even before it can see the light of day or the green pastures as other calves can? Is it right for us to kill so much in the name of food? And on that note, why don’t we ask the same about vegetable/fruits that are borne by plants? And then, I forget all of that and say ‘Am on top of the food chain; man-made it may be, but it satisfies me for the time being’.

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