Forbes most powerful people list is missing these people

Putin is Number 1 and some guy that I never ever heard of is on 67 . Modi is on 15 so well done Modi Jee. But the fact remains that Forbes list  is very predictable and very boring and it has no bearing on our lives. Its unlikely that  Obama Jee can get me a green card or Putin can get  me my own CNG pipeline. And none of them can help in getting an auto at 10 Pm in Delhi. So while Obama and Putin can jostle over who gets to number 1 we in Delhi have to deal with a entirely different power list. So move over Forbes here is the Delhi Junta most powerful list.  You can’t live without them even though sometimes you have that feeling of killing them,

5) Safai wala:  He just needs to stop coming for two days  and your neighbours will start making dirty faces at you. The trouble is most of us have no clue what to do and where to take the trash if the Safai Wala is missing. Next time you see your Safai man don’t forget to thank him.

4) Landlord a.k.a makaan maalik : Beta What time you come home. Will you have visitors coming. Sunny Beta tum single ho ya Bachelor. No we don’t like to give our house to people who eat non-veg. Hum to cash mein he rent lete hain . So many ways our maakan maalik control our lives. By God koi to iskee beti ko Bhaga le jaye.

3) Your “unfriendly” senior citizen: This gang of “Buddha’s”  have taken over all the parks in Delhi with vengeance . First they banned kids from playing in the park and then they have banned dogs on leash. They are ever ready to fight over parking and other things. Argue with them and they will blast ” we are senior citizens, aapko senior citizen se baat karnee nahin aati”. 100 number is on their frequently dialled list. So beware of anyone who is above 60 and moving around in a park.

2) Kaam Waali a.k.a Maid: There is old saying- If you have to choose between your husband or maid, choose your maid. You can find a new husband but maids are hard to find. They are also known as peacemakers in Indian homes. God forbid if they go missing for a few days. Our lives come to stand-still. And our maids know it .


1) Number one our list is the Auto wallah. He is the undisputed king in Delhi. After 7pm he can even refuse God a ride. After 9 Pm he is God. I love their excuses : Meter Kharab hai,  Gas Khatam Hai  Mujhe to Noida jaana hai. Bhai Jaana kahain hai tujhe, america chalega- Obama je ne bulaya hai. you are higher on most powerful list than him.


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