Syrianna ( 2005)

syriannaSyrianna ( 2005) subtly asks a bold question.

What is American interest ?

Answer: Oil. Control of petrochemicals across the world to ensure that Americans are able to drive the SUVs, wage wars and change regimes.

It is actually that simple or that is what the movie tells us.  The story syrianna tells us is about how corporations, CIA, and other US government machinery has only one job which is to make sure that American interest a.k.a oil is protected as long as possible.

Syrianna has a enviable cast with George Clooney and Matt damon. George Clooney plays the role of CIA officer who is involved in the affairs in Iran to Lebanon. Matt Damon plays a hydrocarbon derivative traders who is the chief advisor for one of the royals in one of the kingdoms. Their lives intersect thanks to a merger between two oil companies and a shady deal. There is a bit of succession struggle thrown in between two brothers- one who is progressive and the younger one who is jealous and wants to be the king what ever be the cost.

Syrianna is a brave attempt at showcasing the powerful military, intelligence and corporate network and the rot with in. Everyone is involved,everyone is looking for a nice house to retire. Everyone has an agenda and in the process some people lose their jobs, others lose their lives or become disillusioned with the world around them.  The movie end with CIA using drones to kill one of the emirs and his family to ensure that a more American friendly government is in place to ensure un interrupted access to hydrocarbons.

The movie ends with a big blast. CIA successfully kills the more progressive Emir.  Matt Damon returns to his family. No emir to advise so no job and may be some newly found wisdom that he is just too insignificant in this war over oil.  The merger happens.  Americans have full control over the oil.

Syrianna was one of the movies that kept me thinking for a long time after the movie. I was wondering about the state of the affairs in the world and how close it is to what the movies talks describes so vividly.  We had two Gulf wars in the last 20 years. Iraq has become a graveyard with millions of people dead. Afganistan is in shambles. There is no clear way out in Syria. The monarchy in Saudi Arabia is getting more and more repressive day by day. Yes Americans have control of oil and yes we are living in the times where blood is cheaper than oil.




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