Its a nice wake up call

You run too much and you think you can run ahead of yourself. And then you need a wakeup call. For the last 3 weeks I have been running a lot- first it was a 50km Ultra Marathon and then another week of running. Lots of speed runs and tempo runs. And when I was getting to enjoy it the body just stopped.

Swara says you fell ill because of many reasons and running too much was just one of them. May be , May be not.  We will never know.

But what I felt was very different. Immediately after my run I felt very weak. And I felt cold. May be my body had so less immunity that some virus saw an opening and attacked. However the way my platelets were falling it seemed like it was dengue fever. So I did the tests but nothing came up. People say that dengue takes good 5 days to show in Elisa test. I didn’t wanted to put more money in the tests so I assumed that it is Dengue and started taking precautions and crocin. Fever just kept rising through out the night. I don’t remember when was the last time I had 104 fever. Finally swara had to put some cold water bandages on my head to stop fever from entering the brain.

To cut a long story short the fever finally subsided. There is weakness is body but fever has not returned for the last 4 days or so. Today was the first day I attended office and it felt good.

I don’t know whether it was dengue or not. May be I will never know but what I know that next time I run more than 40 kms in one day I will take a break for a week.



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