This Bachhus is not a Bacchu

Ise kahte hain nazar and akal ka dhoka ( translates to something like fooled by brain and eyes) .

Very recently I came across an advert in Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village. It said ” Bacchus academy of wine”. It talked about how they can teach you about wine and all that. So I took a picture.  And then I shouted in my typical Delhi swagger I said ” Now Bacche  ( Hindi for Kids) will teach us about how to drink wine- ha what a pathetic advert. Some other bystanders also joined me. And I thought wah, what a nice facebook post. Since I don’t have Facebook app on phone so I was not able to to post the picture immediately. Thank God for that because if I did  I would have made a fool of myself.


A quick search on Google revealed that Bacchus is not Bacchu (Bacchu is a sweet generic name to call a toddler in the northern part of India). Bacchus  on the other hand is the Roman God of agriculture and wine. There is also a very famous painting of Bacchus by Italian Baroque master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610). The model in the painting is offering wine He also has vine leaves tied to his hair. What is a bit unusual about the painting is that the model is offering wine from his left hand . This led a lot of people to speculate the Caravaggio stood besides a mirror and painted himself. You can read more about the painting here


This whole incident with Bacchu and Bacchus reinforced my belief that the true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing. And one can be saved by a Greek God.





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