My Digital Diet

Diets are diets, Digital or Physical. While I pay a lot of attention to what I eat  what I consume digitally has never come to my attention until very recently. It all started by an extreme step- delete facebook from my smart phone ( For some reason FB app self destructed on my iPad too). I think I was getting to the point where I was addicted to Facebook on the phone. I would be constantly checking for updates .  All the news that I was getting was through what my friends were sharing on facebook.  Now that is not a smart idea if your friends are not sharing smart things to read. Depending upon whether my friends were right wing or left wing my political views were also getting shaped by what I reading through the app. As soon as I realised it I pressed the delete button.

Facebook deletion on my phone made me do one thing which is to take notice of what I’m consuming in the digital world.  When I did I realised that my digital diet is overwhelmingly staple.

So the first on my diet was news. I guess all of us like to know what is happening around us. May be its the years of our parents forcing us to read english newspaper every morning. Habits do form and see I read them now  on my own. However I use syndication services like google news .They are easy to use and you can always choose what you want to read.

The next on my diet  is stuff that I read through Facebook on my laptop. Stuff the friends share on their timelines.And then comes business news. I love to read about what is happening in the business sector and stock markets in particular. Another site where I go for finding inspiration is Fast Company. They always feature some really cool things which are happening in the world.

There is some what’s app that I do every day. And then there is this huge deluge of email that also makes a big part of my digital diet. But then that’s the must do work stuff.

I do blog now and then. I almost wish that there was a blog syndication service. I would absolutely love to read what others are writing on their blogs.

Every week I would also find myself finding out stuff on wikipedia. For instance the other day I found out the the origin of the word deadline is from the American Civil war. In the prison camps there was a dead-line established, over which no prisoner was allowed to go, day or night, under penalty of being shot.  The irony is that so many lives are still lost meeting and chasing deadlines. And  the only difference is that you get fired for not meeting them 🙂

There was a time when I used to read poetry on the web. And some short stories too. For some reason that is gone. And sadly I don’t miss it any more. Like they say, all things come to an end, good or bad.

I must say that deleting facebook was a big part of reflecting on my digital diet. I have now lots of time to spend with family. I’m not constantly hooked to my phone and finally I have started reading books.

Let’s hope this is one diet that I’m able to maintain 🙂


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