So what are our brightest mind busy doing- Young Turk Conclave

Last night I attended the Gala celebrations of CNBC’s longest running program on Entrepreneurs. It was Young Turks 13th year. Long time back I was also featured on the program as part of their social series. It was nice to be on TV :).

As usual the program was executed by CNBC TV 18 to perfection. There were some excellent speakers from Deep Kalra of , Rajan Anandan of Google , Sandeep Murthy of lighthouse and Bikram Singh Bedi of Amazon webservices. Deep had some great points about creating a company that is focussed on sharing wealth, creating and great product, building super team and not worrying too much about exit. Other speakers stressed about how the internet party has finally arrived in India and how every year there will be 1 billion dollar internet company coming out of India. Flipkart the darling of indian e-commerce is already doing revenues of 2 billion dollars and gunning for more.


It was all good, but the funny thing was these billion dollar companies were still about how to make us buy more and more stuff that we don’t need or running analytics on consumer data so that they can push even more stuff down their throat.  Does it really matter if it happens on the cloud or through SAAS or any other such mumbo jumbo. I also learned that today all of us have access to computational power of many super computers through cloud but what good it is we are only going to crunch consumer behaviour data.

Sometime I wonder if even 10% of the brainpower of the room was dedicated to solving real problems, the world will be such a better place. But I guess the lure of the billions, air miles and bumper exit are too hard to resist. Like one of our professors at IRMA used to say- don’t worry first go grab your dreams, make all the money you want- we will keep India poor till then.






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