Selectivity and Polarisation-Gaza and ISIS

Selectivity means the property of affecting some things and not others. Polarisation refers to cases in which an individual’s stance on a given issue, policy, or person is more likely to be strictly defined by their identification with a particular political party or ideology or group.

There are wave of protests in India happening around Gaza. What is happening in Gaza is deplorable. What kind of Government and soldiers go about killing civilians and children. A lot of my  friends and followers on facebook are posting images and articles and petitions condemning Israel. However the same friends are almost silent on another genocide that is happening in Iraq and Syria By  condemning Gaza and not ISIS they are practicing selectivity which is dangerous . And doing this on social media that can influence many people is not responsible in my opinion. When you don’t condemn ISIS and massacres in Iraq you perpetuate the single story which is that one suffering is more worthy of attention than another especially when religion is involved and more when your religion is involved.

If you value Human life and values then you may agree to something like this that It is not okay to kill and it  doesn’t matter whether brothers are killing each other or someone else. Practice selectivity here and you are treading on thin ice. And worst you are polarising people and yourself. Remember human mind gets used to seeing things in a certain way over a period of time and you are contributing to that.

In my opinion in a ever polarising world the moderates have to stand up.We have to share our views no matter whether people will paint us this or that. We don’t have to only consume what we read or see but also produce our independent views and opinions. We have to shun selectivity in public spaces and on issues of public importance. Whether you choose pasta over rice doesn’t matter but why you have chosen to condemn Israel and leave Hamas and ISIS will decide the future discourse. Everyone is watching.




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