The starch of life- Dr John McDougall

Yesterday I attended a very interesting talk on nutrition and diet by Dr John McDougall which made me really question all the things that I knew about food.  Unfortunately John McDougall was unwell so we had went through this ppt and TEDX talk. Nevertheless the talk was very good and informative. Lots of people who had followed Dr McDougall diet plan came to stage and shared how their lives have changed for ever. The event was hosted by Sharan and Dr Nandita singh did a great job to ensure that the absence of John McDougall was not felt by the crowd.

The basic message was very simple. Starch is good. This means rice, potato, corn, grain are good and you can eat them as much as you want. Animal Products are bad.  Milk is bad. Cow milk is for baby calves. Humans are the only species where adults drinks milk. Meat and fish are bad .Oil is bad including olive oil and any oil that is disguised as healthy oil. Less sugar and salt and you are home.

Now all this was contrary to the wisdom that I had grown with. My meals had lots of milk and milk products like Dahi and lassi. When milk was missing, Desi ghee was present. There was less rice as I was told that rice is not good for you especially if you have tendency to be overweight and diabetes. For the last 10 years I have shunned potatoes of every kind. Egg was at least once or twice a week.

Dr Mcdougall has thrown all the things that I used to consider good into the garbage. And to be honest I’m confused. Well I can understand the argument there is lot of animal cruelty associated with animal products and I’m totally game for being a vegetarian. In fact I have become vegetarian since the start of this year. However starches are good took me by surprise especially rice.

So here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to try this new diet as much as I can and then share my experiences. I will go on less milk, no egg and lots of starches for the next 30 days and see what happens. I’m also hoping to avoid all kinds of processed sugar in these 30 days. The result I’m hoping is more energy for my long runs and 2-3 kgs weight loss. So lets see. I know its going to be tough. If you are vegetarian like me and living in north India and if you take out paneer and anda from your life then what will be left of it.  May be lots of starch 🙂

Below is the video of the talk of Dr John McDougall. Its a interesting watch. Do check out his site too which has tons of information about what to eat and what to leave.


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