keep still and do nothing

Temptations temptations and temptations.

There is a second hand mitsubishi outlander available at a price that I can possibly afford to take a loan and buy. But then when I calculate the total cost of ownership including the fuel efficiency, insurance and wear and tear, suddenly its no longer in my reach. For so long I have wanted to buy a nice SUV that I can take to the mountains. Not scorpio or Tata safari but a real SUV. Don’t know when the day will come when I will not look too much into future and make the decision and buy what I want to buy. But then I ask this question. Do I really need a SUV? Can’t remember where I read ” No consumption, No wants”.

So what about the Long term

In the long term we are all dead but when it comes to investing you have to be dead serious. I want to save 10k per month for the next 20 years hoping that it will multiply to something big. Bank recurring deposits give you nothing. So the only choice is Mutual funds SIP. Confusion is between index funds and actively managed mutual funds. Still to make a choice. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For one India is not a deep market and some fund managers to consistently beat the index as they have done in the last 5 years. But then the first lesson on investing is that past performance is only one of the indicators and not a guarantee of future performance.

Short term is now.

In the short term only clear communication will keep everyone happy or you can attempt to make everyone happy. One of the dangers of a multicultural and multilingual family life is that you have to make sure everything is understood by everyone in the same way.

Keep still and do nothing

For starters both are different things. By Keeping still you are actually making an effort to be still, while doing nothing is doing nothing. Where do I pick these things – Jackie Chan starrrer “The Karate Kid”.

No eyes, no tooth.

Unless we do something about it. Israel has so far killed 1000 or more Palestinians. People are shooting planes out of the sky. In our own backyard riots are happening all in the name of God. An eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth would lead to a world of the blind and toothless. Here is a prayer for peace everywhere. Let know man die unnecessary, let there be food and good health and let every one live peacefully with their families, neighbours and friends


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