The Wee Man

If you are looking to see an enthralling hair raising Gangster Film you can always trust  the British (0r Scottish). This  is precisely what  ” The wee man”. It promises to be everything that you expect from a Gangster film and much more real than the typical stuff that comes out of Hollywood. Overall all a very watchable film with a beer. Just send the kids and  wifey out :).


Set in Glasgow the movie is  based on a true life story of Paul Ferris who became a Gangster at the age of 17. It traces his life right from childhood  until he becomes involved in crime scene of Glasgow. Some of the scenes in the movie are so violent that it will set a chill in your bone. You would promise to yourself that you would rather wait tables than become a gangster unless off-course if you were a Italian or an actor 🙂

The movie also shows rampant corruption in the 70s and 80s in Glasgow Police. This was one of the reason why the Glasgow police didn’t cooperated in shooting of the film. May be they thought that they have to cooperate in the ” Shooting “. So as a result the movie had to be shot in London.

You would imagine that ” the wee man” is a English language film. No its not. For the first few minutes you would wonder if you are watching something in Russian. Until I saw the movie I used to think my Scottish is quite good :). but Hell, No.  I could only follow may be 50% of the film and that also seems like an exaggeration . May be it was just my over confidence that I had after  watching  ” Trainspotting”, another Scottish masterpiece or spending too much time with Scottish friends.

I’m sure you must be wondering what the hell  is ” wee” ?  Well its a slang mainly used Scottish people to say something or someone is small or little. For instance  “aye I have one big brother and one wee brother. See I told you my Scottish is good, thanks Joyce McNeil, Stuart Malcom and Chris Gallaway. And you lesser mortals, do yourself and favour and download the subtitles. You can thank me later.



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