Running the trails: Jahapanah City Forest

Hidden somewhere between Jamia Hamdard, Batra Hospital, Chirag Dilli and G.K 2 is the Jahapanah city forest. If you enter from the gate just opposite Don Bosco school you enter into a small deceptive park. If you don’t know that there is a forest inside I bet you will just do a bit of stretching and curse the person who told you that its a nice place to run.  And that is why Jahapanah city forest is Delhi’s best kept secret.

You run once in Jahapanah and you will fall in love with the place. The jogging track is well marked. There is water at the start point.  The track has shade at most places. Watching a peacock running ahead of you is a common sight. During summers the place is bustling with activity. People from all walks of life walk, run, chat, play inside the forest. There are at-least 3 play areas for kids with slides and other kinds of stuff.

I normally run the 6.6 Km loop clockwise in Jahapanah. There are days when I would just take a right turn at 3.2 kms and do a 5km loop instead. And there is this super short 2.6 km loop too if you are in too much of hurry . Jahapanah has some fairly nice inclines so its a good variety for runners in Delhi.

Today I was not in the mood to run much so I decided to check out the trails. I ran clockwise up to 1200 mt then took the first left trail.  I just kept on running and in another 30 minutes or so I had covered the entire periphery of the park and come out at the 3.2 kms mark.  On a lucky day you can Nilgai ( Antelope) but today was not my lucky day. I guess the overall trail is about 4kms or so. Its mostly nice but where ever it comes close to a settlement it gets dirty. There are at least 2-3 spots which are really bad.  There are also signs on encroachment at many places.  But overall its a nice break from the same old Jahapanah beat.


I would not advise running alone as the trail is pretty lonely and there has been incidences of runners getting robbed. And definitely not during the evening because one can easily get lost too. However in a group they are a must to be explored and enjoyed.






2 thoughts on “Running the trails: Jahapanah City Forest

  1. If you want to do few more trails then sanjay van is the right place. 800 acres of virgin forest area- preety dense and having 3 different loops. Total distance for entire stretch is 8.5km with 88m of elevation climb. Want to do less then cut short any of the loops. Will recommend you to go with someone who knows the place well because there are high chances of getting lost. Off late dkscovered from google that it is among haunted places in Delhi however I am a regular visitor and never experienced any such thing.

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