Out of Kitchen Empowerment

Recently a dear friend shared with me a few adverts which claim to sell the Havells Kitchen Appliances without being sexist. The girl proudly comes out with a coffee machine and says she is not an appliance.

Well off course I completely agree that women in the house is not an appliance but neither are todays husbands what  the advert is trying to project . At least the ones target audience that Havells is targeting are  not shying away from responsibilities of housework or taking care of kids at home. I have a friend  who until recently was  single handedly is raising two  small kids. In my home I cook all the time and share responsibilities with my partner.  I have many friends who do the same. So Havells by trying to break one stereotype is trying to create another one- Men don’t do household chores.

And at the same time the message around women empowerment is wrong at least in the 21st century. Kitchen is not a prison. Doing household work is not shameful. Empowerment is not found outside home or by making men villain. It is found by engaging husbands, sons, fathers, boy friends in a dialogue. It is by asserting that men and women are equal in our work places, in our homes and the way we raise our kids.  Don’t trivialise the debate by brining coffee machines into it.




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