Climb Amaltas tree, learn things for free

Summers are special in Delhi. First you get Bougainvillaea, then Gulmohar and finally Amaltas, the  yellow bloom tree. So on a hot summer night when everyone is nicely tucked in their A.Cs and cooler and you walk out only to be greeted by empty roads and trees to climb.


And this is what I did. But very soon I realised that  the days when you can climb higher up and not be scared of falling are long gone now. Now gravity, fear of breaking a few bones and embarrassment keeps me grounded.

The other day I saw some people carrying the fruit of Amaltas in Jahapanah City Forest . I asked one gentleman and he said that he saw lots of other people carrying them . He will find out on google what to do with the fruit :). I did my googling and found that the inside of the Amaltas fruit is very good analgesic and has other medicinal properties too. You can find out more at this link

In this climbing tree and googling business the  biggest learning for me was in the department where I’m particularly weak. For months I used to visit this apartment in Gurgaon named Laburnum. It took me a tree to climb to find out that “Amaltas ko english mein laburnam kahte hain”.

The big Question?  Champa ko English mein kya kahte hain ?



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