All work and play

It was December yesterday and now its almost June. I just can’t believe how fast time flies. Work has been crazy. Play has been even more crazy, the last two weeks in particular where me and my gang ( of Shruti and Amit) have managed to cycle from Dehradoon to Mussorie, finished 42kms of running in Mukteshwar-Kumaon and successfully organised the 2nd Edition of Mukteshwar Marathon .

I feel that with each passing year of my life I’m more acutely aware of time. I often count them in terms of how many sunrises or seasons are left in my life.  May be 20, may be 40 or may be this was the last sunrise and the last winter that I would get to see. It is a strange thing. My age and my acute awareness of mortality has made me more relaxed in life. No pressure !

All this work/play ensured that I got no time to write or reflect. For some reasons writing had become a habit. Its so difficult to cultivate a habit, so easy to lose it. I love to write. I hope I get better at it but more importantly regularly.

The other thing that kept me away was the Indian elections. What a show put by BJP and Modi. Also another party that needs to be congratulated is  AAP. Its probably the best start-up that came form India in the last few decades or so. Give them a few years and you will see AAP either in the government or as the main opposition party in the centre. In some sense it is a big relief that the elections are finally over. People were just getting polarised at-least on social media.I was quite frustrated to see that so many people were not open to others views or ideas. However I was also glad to see that people are politically so aware. The credit of bringing politics to the mainstream definitely goes to AAP, Anna Movement and Association of Democratic reforms (ADR).

And finally Mukteshwar Marathon happened. We got some 200 odd runners running  probably the toughest marathon in India at 2200 mts above sea level. The weather was lovely. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Send me to hills for a few days and I start wondering what they hell I’m doing with my life. I should be here. Running, cycling, reading, writing, cooking and may be doing some work. May be I will create some great piece of work. I often wonder if livelihood and aspiration to do what the world wants us to believe that we want to do makes us live fairly ordinary lives. Will we be not far more productive (not just in money sense) if we never have to work for salary.

The call of the mountains is very seductive. May be one day I will have the courage to answer back. Till then lets get up in the morning to run 10 miles and write a blog.





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