Vegan 100k

Yes, I’m going to stop taking any milk or animal products ( I’m already and vegetarian) and run 100kms over the next 7 days. I will be averaging 14-15 kms every day. I have not done running for the past few weeks so this help me get back to running and back in shape. And I would definitely not mind losing a few kilos.

So the plan is not to embrace becoming Vegan, not yet. But I’m keen to see how the my body will behave when I’m  putting it under lots of physical stress and no milk or animal protein.

I’m looking at ideas on how I can supplement my diet with protein which doesn’t come from animals.  And if I’m successful who knows I might turn Vegan. And when I do I’m going to get this T-shirt for myself.

I will be posting what I’m going through every couple of days.  So let the run begin.


VRUK_Fastrax 4 web_10097



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